Anxiety can becrippling, causing you or loved ones undue stress and fear. It can be caused by a number of factors.  In some cases neurofeedback is a very effective intervention in and of itself or as an adjunct to traditional therapies.

Relationship Trauma


Angela, one of our clients, came to us with severe anxiety after having serious relationship trauma. She was having panic attacks at work, was unable to sleep, and unable to focus on anything but what had happened. Her physician told her she may have PTSD and gave her a prescription. Not wanting to have to take medicine, she came to us for help. After her first session, she was able to fall asleep for the first night in weeks. After a few weeks of neurofeedback, her panic attacks had completely vanished, as had her other anxiety symptoms.

For Angela, neurofeedback stopped the cycle of anxiety that she was stuck in. It restored her ability to function in daily life and allowed her to process what had happened without the negative effects of anxiety holding her back.


Relationship Loss


Mona had gotten neurofeedback for her child a decade ago when she was located elsewhere.  She had taken him for almost 100 sessions and was very happy with the results.   This time Mona came to us expressing an interest in whether neurofeedback could help her function better for her newly ignited career.

On her second session, Mona shared more and the real reason she came.  A year ago her husband of 30 years had asked for a divorce with no warning.  “I have cried every night since that day.  After the one session with you here though, I have not cried since.”  After a few more sessions, “I feel more like myself and now I can get on with my life.”

Mona had only 3 sessions and is now fully engaged with a full rich life.  In our experience results this quick are exceptional, but nevertheless it was a remarkable case worth sharing.