Did you know that neurofeedback can ease the symptoms of dysautonomia, including anxiety and brain fog?

We are proud to work in tandem with Dr. Amer Suleman of The Heartbeat Clinic in offering neurofeedback to people with dysautonomic disorders including POTS & EDS.

We are committed to help as many individuals with EDS / dysautonomia / POTS as possible.  If you are living with EDS and are symptomatic with dysautonomia / POTS and would like to apply for special pricing, please email lauren@frisconeurofeedback.com.




A Teen with a Future


“I had not slept for more than 4 hours a night since I was 12 years old.  It effected my ability to function and schoolwork.  I remember once I hadn’t slept for 8 days and was hallucinating.  I also felt like I was going to pass out a lot.  When I was 18, I finally found out that the root of these problems was Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.   For me it was causing blood pressure drops, heart palpitations that felt like anxiety and inability to sleep.  My Electrophysiologist recommended Frisco Neurofeedback.  2 weeks after starting the program, I was sleeping 5-6 hours a night.  After 4 weeks one night I slept 8 hours.  At first I thought I was sick because that is the only time in my life I could remember sleeping 8 hours.  But then I kept being able to sleep for 8 hours like a normal person.  Every week my blood pressure drop episodes became a less and less frequent.  Now I have a lot more functional days and have a real future and hope.”

6 months after her last session, Maria is working  part-time and making plans to go away to college on her own, something that was not possible with her symptoms before.

-Maria, 19 y.o.

Second Life


“I abruptly became incapacitated by dysautonomia, seizures, brain fog, and fatigue as an adult due to EDS.  After decades of exhausting all of the “traditional” drug treatments, I decided to give neurofeedback & technology based training programs a try. I am now off all medication and in full remission from seizures and no longer experience brain fog or the level of fatigue I once did.”

-Tracy, 42 y.o.