Treatment Resistant Depression


Lindsey, 30, had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts since she was 12.  Lindsey had a history of being  bullied in school for being overweight and exceptional (gifted).  Since she was in college she had been on dozens of different medications and been in therapy, but was never able to find complete relief from the depression. Here is an excerpt of her story:

“I lived most of my life just going through the motions, apathetic towards people, accomplishments, everything. I didn’t really wholeheartedly believe I would ever truly be rid of depression because I had lived with it for so long. The most recent psychiatrist I saw described my depression as atypical and treatment resistant, which took almost all the hope I had for ever getting better. I tried neurofeedback not really believing that it would truly help me, but months after completing my last session, I realized that I had gotten through the entire holiday season without contemplating suicide – something I hadn’t done in over 10 years.   Just last year I had spent a night sitting on the couch looking at a gun on the coffee table.  As I continue to examine my life, I can see that neurofeedback was the missing piece that medication and therapy couldn’t fill.”

While Lindsey still sees a therapist and still needs low doses of medication, as of Oct 2018, it has been 15 months since she has contemplated suicide and she has continued to be stable, which is something she has never before experienced.