Looking to improve your general wellbeing and reduce impact of STRESS?


Do you know a child who  could use a boost in academic performance, clarity, and focus? Do you know a child who could use help with self-regulation? Brain Training can help.

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Are you challenged with returning to an active lifestyle? How would you like to optimize your health and wellness?

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Are you a busy professional that would like a competitive edge? Allow us to share how we have helped others like you.

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Neurofeedback for wellness is a non-invasive, non-medical, method of giving your brain information about its own activities so that it can re-center, rebalance and optimize itself. We use auditory and visual feedback based on your brain activity. In a typical session, you would watch a movie or listen to music. During the session, you might perceive the feedback as “static” interruptions of sound or frame “breaks” in the movie. You can stay alert, fall asleep or play games, during the session.

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