We never want a busy schedule to keep you from benefitting from neurofeedback. 

This is why we offer rentals of neurofeedback equipment that can be used in your home, at your convenience.When you rent with Frisco Neurofeedback, you will receive technical support and training round the clock to receive the same training used in offices around the world. Our home based rental plans are not only ideal for busy schedules, but also for families who wish to all receive neurofeedback.

Rental packages are as follows:

0-10 Personal Trainer Plan                       $600

Ideal for one person training 2-3 times per week.

0-20 Family Trainer Plan                           $800

Ideal for families who are training multiple people or for someone who would like to do more than two sessions per week.

0-Unlimited Pro-System                           $1000

Ideal for families training more than 2 individuals or individuals who would like to get more than 4 sessions a week.

Required  Training (with In-office Bonus Session if desired)         $150

All first time rentals are required to have training on the system operation and it includes 1 session in-office.